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Up In Flames



40 x 40 cm

Diptychon Matterhorn & Langkofelgruppe

Tracce, Spuren
Kunstmuseum Erlangen

27.06. 2021 – 01.08.2021
curated by Sophia Petri

In ‘Up In Flames,’ AliPaloma prompts us to consider the lasting imprints we, as humans, leave on our environment. Are we consistently conscious of the impact we create? The wax sculptures serve as a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty found in the Dolomites and Matterhorn. However, the popularity of these mountains as tourist destinations comes with a well-known drawback: these peaks have been covered with a second skin; a network

of infrastructures, cables, cable cars, mountain stations, ski slopes, and roads.

The popular wax-mountains can be set alight by visitors. While we may hesitate to harm the mountain in the wax model, our daily lives often witness a tendency to consume the harmony and beauty of nature without pondering the far-reaching consequences.

Up in Flames AliPaloma.jpg
Up in Flames3.jpg
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