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Distanzzonen, 2021
curated by Christian Schoen

Halle50, Munich / Loft, Ansbach 

Lois Anvidalfarei, Sandra Bejarano, Isabelle Dyckerhoff, Christine Gallmetzer, Wil-ma Kammerer, Hauchun Kwong, Christian Niccoli, AliPaloma, Matthias Schwab, Peter Senoner, Anja Verbeek von Loewis, Yongbo Zhao


The exhibition title adopts the socio-physological concept of distance that we perceive as pleasant or - if exceeded or undershot - as unpleasant. Since spring of 2020, "distance" has been the magic word by which society hoped to master the pandemic situation. In the meantime, we realized that social distancing has changed us, the individual as well as society. The artistic positions reflect the meaning of subjective closeness and distance, of the relationship between the individual and the group and celebrate the creation and perception of art as a physical cross-border experience.

installation München.jpg

Halle 50, München

Galerie Prisma, Bozen

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