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“Thevulvaproject“ was created in 2016, on the one hand as a reaction to the taboos around the female sex and on the other hand as a rejection of an aesthetic ideal of it. Genital cosmetic surgery is booming worldwide, with the greatest increase in the correction of the labia minora.  This can be linked to an ideal established by mass media, which is conveyed by the beauty and porn industry, and is rapidly spreading through the social media. Furthermore, a feeling of insecurity unites: There is a significant lack of awareness about the diversity of the female genitals. “Thevulvaproject“refuses the ideal of a perfect vulva and celebrates the beauty of diversity with vulvas in different shapes and sizes.

Limited Edition 300 pieces. SOLD OUT
(pic 1: Anna Gamper, pic 2:


The Vulva Project1902.jpg
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