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* the return of light or sound from a surface

* a thought, idea

Audiovisual Installation 

ARS SACRA | Klausen, 2018

In Collaboration with Daniele Alessi (sound)

curated by Südtiroler Künstlerbund.


In the work “Reflection.Flood“, AliPaloma and Daniele Alessi play with the story of the Sebastiani Church, built in 1200 as a pilgrim's hospice. In the 15th century, regular floods from the nearby river Eisack caused the destruction and desolation of the hospice. Only the small, round church, now dedicated to Saint Sebastian, has survived to the present day.


In the audiovisual Installation AliPaloma and Daniele Alessi bring the river Eisack back into the church by experimenting with visual arrangements and water recordings. The Church is transformed into a place of meditation where a total immersion is possible. The counterpart to the installation is the sonic video projection “Reflection.Silence“ in the City Museum of Chiusa that shows the calm state of the river. 

reflection silence.jpg

Photos: Leonhard Angerer

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