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3D printed Epoxy Resin
55 x 45 cm


Stadtmuseum Bruneck

curated by „Wege zum Museum“


In the sculpture "Hidden Female Pleasure" AliPaloma thematizes the concealment of female pleasure and installs a giant clitoris. Hanging from the ceiling, the sculpture can be viewed from all side, but if the visitor wants to examine the organ of pleasure more closely, he first encounters a barrier.  
With the placement of the sculpture, AliPaloma reacts to the architecture of the „Ex Simma“ garage and narrates the story of female sexuality – in particular the story of female pleasure – as a sequence of exposure and concealment. 


The clitoris, scaled about 4 times in the sculpture, in reality about 8-10 cm, is scattered by about 8000 nerves. 
The clitoral structure does not recall without reason the male sexual organ. Anatomically the clitoris is the pendant to the penis. The only difference between the two sex organs is their position: while the penis is located about two thirds outside the body, the clitoris lies more than 90% inside the body. When sexually aroused, the clitoris fills with blood and clings from the inside to vagina and vulva, allowing to be stimulated also by penetration. Externally visible is only a small, sensitive glans with foreskin. 


The 3D-printed resin sculpture is based on the scientific representation of the clitoris by sociologist and engineer Odile Fillod, which was created in 2016 in response to the absence of a holistic representation of the female sexual organ. While the basic anatomical structure has been maintained, its crus rise like wings from the erectile tissue and seem to set the organ of pleasure in motion.


Photos: Leonhard Angerer

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