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A Duo Show by AliPaloma & Anna Meryl Rose
Galerie Gefängnis Le Carceri (IT)

In REPEAT, AliPaloma and Anna Meryl Rose deal with processes and everyday rituals that play an important role outside and inside the prison walls in terms of time and the body. What the two multimedia artists have in common is their focus on the female* body and their use of familiar everyday objects. By replacing conventional materials or changing their composition, they react to socio-cultural themes. In "REPEAT" they let minimal, repetitive objects speak and aestheticise processes of nutrition, work and body cult. The artists are inspired by the architecture of the prison and carefully integrate their co-produced installations into the space so that the presence of the prison remains tangible for the visitors. The materials used in their site-specific installations are reduced to a minimum: water, bread, wax, soap, salt and alcohol are the elements used in various states of aggregation.

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