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Plastic, Steel
140 x 180 cm

Astra Opening

curated by Anna Heiss and Anna Wenter
sponsored by Sader Immobilien


The sculpture "Freedom & Force" examines the opposite poles of freedom and coercion. 
The black megaphones are a symbol of freedom of speech and demonstrations and recall the recent "Black Lives Matter" protests and the climate movement "Fridays for Future".

Megaphones can not only be used to amplify rebellion, but are also an effective means to give orders and instructions, as it happened under the fascist regime. Built in 1934, „Astra“ originally gave home to the national fascist youth organizations Balilla and Gil. 

The sculpture can be observed and walked through by the visitors. In the position between the two megaphones, the tension between freedom and coercion becomes particularly palpable.  
Loud notification tones sound through the speakers and irritate the visitors in the first moment. The antipoles of Freedom and Force find their climax in social media, where freedom can be found in our constant self- realization, which turns out to be our never-ending self-exploration. 

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