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Photo Print on Hahnemühle Bright White, 

framed in Maple wood

85 x 56 cm



Stadtgalerie Bruneck

curated by „Wege zum Museum“


Naked shoulders appear in the center of the photographic work "Fragile“.  A piece of skin represents the border between the body and its environment: strength and vulnerability, battle and protection!  Vulnerability comes with gender as a social construction. Justice and deviant, non-hegemonic identities are endangered values in a patriarchal system. In the awareness of vulnerability lies the strength to break down standards and to provoke changes. 


„I think: fragility is strength and I allow the wind to blow through me. The color of my identity transforms itself like the skin of a chameleon and there is nothing wrong with that. I wonder… the fragility of the night that always surrenders to the day, is that a weakness?“ 
Excerpt from "Me Talking to Myself in the Future", Marie Brassard.

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