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Polyethilen, Mirror, 32m2
Venetian Mirror, c.a 1700

Beauty Case | Preserve the beauty of creation, 2019

Hofburg Brixen

curated by Michael Rainer, Thomas Rainer

A beauty case covered with cellulose. A test tube of the cosmetic surgery. The Skin and the mirror minus their soul. No inside turned outside, on the contrary the outside injured is mirrored on the inside. Smooth skin, smooth mirror, sharp scalpel. A mobile phone that cures its scratched surface on its own meets the broken happiness of Venice. The broken glass of Byung-Chul Han.  Rescued beauty?

I like you smooth like honey with a Brazilian peel. The oiled skin of Josephine Baker: a wet dream of Adolph Loos. The ornament of the Venetian mirrors: female murderer tattoos for Jack, the ripper of modern times. What is façade, what is uterus? In the artificial womb of the beauty laboratory, the face will grow in the future [...]


German Text Thomas Rainer

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Photos: Jürgen Eheim

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