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9m2 Mirror

Water Light Festival Brixen, 2019

In Collabroation with Markus Hinteregger

Realised by barth & Zumtobel group


The installation “mɪrə“ addressed the relevance of the 2000-year-old Greek myth of Narcissus: Narcissus, a beautiful and desired young man rejects almost everyone who approaches him with love. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge punishes his cold-heartedness by making him suffer the same pain. She leads him to a pool with silver waves where he falls in love with his own image, reflected by the water surface. The love consumes him completely, he dies. His body disappears and, in its place, a saffron-yellow flower starts growing, which from then on bears his name.

“mɪrə“ reuses the today’s relevance of the Greek mythology and applies to an age where social networks  like Instagram and Twitter form a narcissistic breeding ground par excellence.


Photos: Leonhard Angerer

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