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9m2 Mirror

Water Light Festival Brixen, 2019

In Collabroation with Markus Hinteregger

Realised by barth & Zumtobel group


AliPaloma and Markus Hinteregger followed the invitation to be part of the Waterlight Festival 2019 in Bressanone and installed a huge mirror in the pedestrian area of the old city center.

The installation plays with the relevance of the Greek myth of Narcissus: Narcissus, a beautiful and desired youth, rejects almost everyone who approaches him with love. Nemesis, the goddess of just vengeance, punishes his cold-heartedness by causing him to experience the same suffering.

When Narcissus looks into ‘a pool with silver-rimmed waves,’ he falls in love with his own image reflected on the water’s surface. Love consumes him entirely, and he dies. His body vanishes, and in its place, a saffron-yellow flower blooms, which henceforth bears his name.

In the present day, ‘mire’ reflects the relevance of the Greek myth in an age where social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter provide a breeding ground for narcissism.


Photos: Leonhard Angerer

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