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Object Collage

"Je Suis Charlie", 2015
Innsbruck University of Architecture

curated by Rivka Rinn
./studio3. Institute for Experimental Architecture 


On 07.01.2015 the French satirical weekly newspaper „Charlie Hebdo“ based in Paris becomes the target of a terrorist attack in which twelve people are assassinated. The attack by Islamist extremists caused worldwide horror and dismay. It is interpreted not only as an "attack on our civilization" but also as an assault on the freedom of the press and the profession of political cartoonists. People all over the world express their compassion and solidarity under the slogan "Je Suis Charlie! 
In the oeuvre "Dessinez!"a white weapon composed by drawing utensils circles over a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be used by the visitors. With the title "Draw!" AliPaloma invites her fellow students to bring their thoughts to paper and not to be silenced.

Photos: Leonhard Angerer

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