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wax/ iconographic frame

10 x 5 cm

Curated By You, 2017

Stadtgalerie Brixen 
curated Lisa Trockner & Eva von Ingram Harpf
Südtiroler Künstlerbund


The work "Cunt" is dedicated to the female body and breaks away with a masculine-hegemonic view.  The aim is to dismantle the taboo of the female sex. Through its iconographic framework, the vulva acquires a sacred connotation and suggests what Martha Shelley wrote in her 1975 "Cunt Coloring Book": "In the beginning we come from the cunt, not from some man's side; and we are washed in the water and blood of birth, not the spear-pierced side of some dying god...".  

Martha Shelley "The Cunt Coloring Book",1975.


Photo: Leonhard Angerer

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