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Performance & Video Installation


OPENING OF SPACE NOUVELLE, Innsbruck 2019 curated by Anna Fliri
SOLITUDE & ANGER Stadtmuseum Bruneck, 2019 curated by "Wege zum Museum" 


The installation “Solitude in the Swarm“ explores the loneliness as a consequence of the digital age. It focuses on the reciprocal of solitude and social media. "Digital communication has made community- the we- [...] deteriorate considerably. It is destroying the public space and amplifying human isolation," explains Byung-Chul Han in his Book "In the swarm", published in 2013. 

 The new hermit is called homo digitalis, and his setting is the bed: this is where he sleeps, eats, works, binge watches, tinders, likes, compares, orders. In her essay "The Century of the Bed", architecture historian Beatriz Colomina speaks of the “Society of the bed” and describes the bed as the ultimate prothesis. The combination of smart-phone technology, the flexible and untethered nature of work, the sharing economy, and the rise of co-living has given the "horizontal architecture" of the bed a new significance, she claims.
 AliPaloma quotes the bed as a popular artistic motif by using it in a performative way. She spends hours in bed and connects within the digital network. The result is an artistic view into bed and a view out of bed into the digital world.

Space Nouvelle AlinaÖ - AliP_Eröffnung 2
Space Nouvelle AlinaÖ - AliP_Eröffnung 2

Photos: Daniel Janosch

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